Why Your Vacation is Incomplete until You Try the Live Aboard Cruise


Indonesia is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With more than 17 000 Islands, the archipelago is a heaven on earth. Each of its islands has a unique feature both on the ocean and land making the magical country a-must-visit vacation destination.

With millions of features under the ocean, you will never fully appreciate the beauty of the Island until you are on a liveaboard cruise at Ayana Lako di’a.   This 5-star hotel offers you an amazing cruising package to ensure you get the full experience of the indonesia liveaboard. With this package you’ll get to enjoy:

1. Breathtaking Ocean view of the Island.

Walking and even biking around the islands can be fun, but have you tried a liveaboard trip. The view of the island from the ocean will certainly leave you in awe! Get to be among the last to see the sunset and the first to see the sunrise in the most spectacular place on earth.

Enjoy a cool ocean breeze, enjoy the freshness of the ocean mist and feast your eyes on the perfection of the iconic Padar Island, pink Island, Rinca Island and even the Taka Makassar Reef among other amazing features.

2. Diving and Diving safaris.

Do you imagine how the underwater world is? The beauty and calmness portrayed by fiction movies and even scientific discovery channels. Well, you may as well dive in for yourself and get to affirm what you see! Enjoy swimming with the pulsating tropical fish, get to see and touch the spectacular coral reefs and dive in with the manta rays at the Komodo National park.

Experience the fun in snorkeling with the help of the guide as you also learn more about the importance of conserving the marine animals while the experts guide you through the diving experience.

3. Luxurious guest rooms.

With the vacation intended for you to relax away from your regular work, a good day on the ocean is followed by an evening in one of the nine luxurious guest cabins on the sea. The cabins are designed for two people each and thus perfect for a weekend gate-away with your partner, a romantic honeymoon trip or even a family vacation.

With the option of hiring Ayana’s boats for private expeditions and events, you will have enough rooms for your friends and family or even for hosting an amazing corporate retreat and thus relish the perfect vacation experience!

4. Spa and yoga services.

Picture yourself lying on the deck of the cruise ship basking under the warm setting sun while you enjoy a relaxing massage from an expert therapist. Enticing right? Well with the liveaboard package offered by the Ayana Lako di’a, these spa services are a complementary part of what they offer ensuring that you cruise in a divine shape.

Get to kick start your morning with yoga and meditation classes, where you get to relax under the blow of the cool ocean breeze and the sounds of the rushing waves as they hit rocks. Start your day with a touch of style

5. Unique indigenous Cuisines

Indonesia is rich in culture with the most common being the Balinese culture. Get to enjoy amazing foods from the local area including different typed of fish prepared by the best chefs in the business. Enjoy world-class services as you dine in the middle of the ocean!

Prepare yourself for romantic dinners in the sunset and fantastic breakfasts during sunrise with the whole three-course meal available during the whole trip!


Vacations are intended to be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Despite the fact that it can be fun without a cruise, a vacation in Indonesia can never be complete without the Liveaboard experience. There are even more activities such as stand up paddle walk, that can be done on a liveaboard cruise trip. Therefore, if this isn’t your definition of a perfect vacation, I don’t know what is!