What to Do If Your Kids Locked Up Inside A Vehicle?


You are on the road, and suddenly, you have to get out of the car and pee then you totally forgot your kid inside the car- locked. What will you do? Many parents are also undergoing the same situation, especially if you are tired of driving.

Most of the times, parents forgot their kids on the vehicle while doing some grocery shopping. Throughout the years, there are cases are being reported of kids locked inside a car, unintentionally. Kids suffered from suffocation, panic attacks, trauma, anxiety, and even death. What will you do if you are in this kind of situation?

Here’s what you need to do in case you are in the same situation:

Do Not Panic

Panicking will not help you if your first resort is panic attacks, then your mind will not be able to think straight and will mess up. So make sure that you stay calm, stable, and figure out what you need to do. Some parents were panicking when this happened, as some might just open the door and run for an emergency- however due to panicking, parents can’t think straight. Make sure to stay calm, as fast as you can, let your kid out of the vehicle to breathe.

Call an Authority and Other Emergency Services

If your child is unconscious, perhaps he is out of air so if you can then do a CPR. If you are not knowledgeable, call someone to do it. You can also call an emergency locksmith Houston, and they worked 24/7 especially on individual cases like this. Make sure to cooperate and let the authority do their job. If the authority needs to break the car’s window, allow them as they know what to do. And again, do not panic.

Do A Precaution Briefing to Your Kid

If you are often traveling or riding your vehicle, you can talk to your child. It is best not to let them sleep when you’re nearly approaching the arrival place. Also, let them know the consequences when they left behind inside the car. Let them watch over the news or read what can happen to them. Make sure that your kid is aware too of the surroundings so even if the parents are busy, the kid will not be left behind. Also, to keep them alert, give them a piece of responsibility. One way to make your kid aware is to let them participate. If your kid is too young, make sure to have someone always looking, a babysitter perhaps or one of the parents.

Kids, nowadays are brilliant but what if you locked the car and doors are on child lock? Or what if your kid is unconscious, perhaps sleeping? Or too little? Anything can happen, most of the times, unexpectedly, kids died inside the vehicles. Parents and guardians must always be alert that an incident like this might happened especially if the family in traveling very often.