The beauty of Galway and it’s Bay


Located on the incredibly picturesque west coast of Ireland is the stunning vista of Galway Bay. This hardworking city has been one of the mainstays of Irish Fishing and Tourism for many years. It was also a safe harbour for ships returning from long sea voyages over the Atlantic or it was the final set off point for those seeking a new life in the new world. The city is so well known for being a place of vibrant festivals, craic celebrations and events that is the European city of culture for 2020.

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Out in the bay lies the three islands that protect Galway from the worst of the Atlantic weather. To help brave the sea wind and the cold.  You will find Find Mens Aran Sweaters here as they are a mainstay of the Islands style. In fact, Mens Aran Sweaters are an intrinsic part of Ireland’s cultural fabric but please note they are available for women as well.

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The City has had a chequered past with Ireland after being captured by the Normans in 1230. The city had been a thriving port for about a hundred years and made a nice prize. However the invaders soon became natives until gaining a degree of independence when it was granted mayoral status by the English Crown. This served to infuriate the locals and there is a famous sign that says “save us from the Ferocious O’Flaherty’s”. The Gaelic language was forbidden in the city and anyone with an O’ or Mac in their name was banned.