Share the magic of Mashorba


What does romance mean to you? Does it mean flashing cameras and the lure of often travelled spots? Or does it mean the travelling the less travelled roads together and discovering the pleasures of the not yet discovered. If the latter is the case then the sleepy hamlet of Mashorba, resplendent with austere beauty of the majestic Himachal Pradesh is just the ideal romantic destination for you. After the hectic planning and completion of about a million ceremonies have been completed with resounding success what better way to explore the romance of the journey together, that you have recently embarked on, than in a sleepy Himachali hamlet far away from the hustle bustle of our urban existence, located in the lap of nature enjoy your Honeymoon & Romantic Packages India.

 Mashorba is not a place often found in the popular Honeymoon and Romantic Packages in India. That is what makes t so unique, like a wild flower hidden in a forgotten family waiting the charm the traveler with its bewitching beauty.  In India Honeymoon & Romantic Packagesone can check a tiny hill station is the state of Himachal Pradesh, Mashorba stands at an elevation of about 2, 146 meters above the sea level. It was once famous for being the favorite holiday destination of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and houses of the two Presidential Retreat of India, so you see, if you find Mashorba romantic, you are in quite exalted company, member of a select and exclusive nature lover’s club.

Here, sunlight dances on the beautiful narrow lanes and the picturesque city is dotted with charming churches, old temples and quaint architecture. Here the bygone era is still not all gone and the wind of forgotten times blows making it a romantic destination perfect to celebrate the immortality of your undying love. The heady scent of the thick and lush apple orchards, the trails of pristine beauty, the mountains hidden by thick foliage in all shades of green, the warble of a little bird calling to its mate, if there is an Eden on Earth, this must be it. Here every day is as romantic and each night magical. Can you think of a spot more romantic? We honestly, will be hard pressed to find an answer to that question. Thus do connect to the cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India.

It is off beat and that is what makes it so special. Lying so close to the more popular touristy city of Shimla, it is as different from its crowded, and over exposed cousin city as it can possibly get. Also Mashorba proves true the adage that the best things in life are without price tags. A holiday here is not exactly free but it is not bone crushingly expensive either. How can money buy the magic of two hearts responding to the same natural wonders and awed by the magnificent sunrises and sunsets painting the mountain peaks in all the colors from an artist’s palette. If you are looking for cheap honeymoon and romantic packages in India, this is a jewel you must consider.

Mind you, it is certainly not cheap in anything but the rate charts. Right after the unexplored treasure chest of scenic beauty spots, comes Mashorbas wealth of wildlife. What is a loving honeymoon, without its own share of wildness, preferably in more ways than one? The luscious forests of Mashorba house a beautiful wild life sanctuary. Filled with old and majestic trees like Pine, Oak, Fir and Cedar and crossed by the pristine offshoots of the Indus River, here you can enjoy exotic wildlife like barking deer, baboons and jackals. The very lucky have also had the fortune of sighting a leopard once in a while.

In spite of being far off the beaten track Mashorba has a number of romantic and beautiful accommodation options suitable for people with all kinds of travel budgets. Pony Rides, Paragliding and Camping are some among the surprising plethora of outdoor activities that you can indulge in, in this sleepy hamlet. Mashorba lies at a distance of only 9.5 km from Shimla and it takes only about 45 minutes to reach this perfect honeymoon destination from Shimla airport, by car. So if you and your new partner for life are looking for a place for honeymoon packages to fill your hearts with serene magic and making some mesmerizing memories, idyllic Mashorba would be ideal for you.