3 Things to Check before Finalizing Your Dubai safari Package


For anyone planning a visit to Dubai anytime soon, it must be a hard time. There are hundreds of things you need to consider while planning a tour, with the most important one being choosing the tour deal. A lot of tourism companies offers various deals on different budgets that provide alterative activities depending on the budget. While traveling to Dubai, one thing tourists should never forget is desert safari. The red dunes of Dubai desert are a sight to be seen. However, selecting desert safari deals that is perfect for you can pose a real challenge, especially when there are so many options available in the market. This article elaborates on some things you should check before finalizing your desert safari deal.

The Time of the Tour

While choosing a desert safari tour, there are three main packages you can choose from. These packages depend primarily on the time of the tour. The packages can be morning, evening and overnight desert safari tours. All the deals have different activities and services that you can enjoy. The type of package you choose mostly depends on your endurance of heat. As you know, desert gets especially hot during mid afternoon, so the morning package may not be for you if you cannot handle heat.

On the other hand, overnight packages requires you to spend a night with strangers and if you are not comfortable with such situations, this type of package is out of the question as well. In my opinion, evening tours are the best. You get to experience the desert while it relatively cool and also spend the night comfortably in your hotel room.

The Type of Camps

The night in a desert is beautiful and worth seeing regardless of the inconvenience you suffer along the way. If you choose overnight safari package, there are some things you can do to make your experience better. First is the type of camp. While finalizing your desert safari package, there are two main options, shared and personal camps. You can get a private camp just for yourself and your family but be ready to spend a lot of money for it. Mostly tourists are set up in shared camps but the size of the camp varies. There are camps that accommodate hundreds of tourists from multiple tourism company and some camps house a small group of visitors from a specific company. Make sure to specifically check for these accommodations while choosing your safari package.

The Food at the Camp

All kinds of safari packages comes with a meal. Overnight and evening desert safari with BBQ dinner are part of the tour package. Similarly, you get a breakfast if you choose morning desert safari tour. The food and hygiene is essential for people and no one should compromise on it. Before finalizing your deal, ask your travel agent about vegetarian and non-veg dinner. Most of the companies provide non-veg food but some do not. Make sure to check this point or lest you will have to spend a night on empty stomach.