How to visit Lake Como by boat


Among the most beautiful places to visit in Italy there is also Lake Como. The best season to visit it in all its splendor is spring, as nature and its wonders begin to bloom, the lake comes alive with animals and verdant vegetation. Here’s how to visit it on a boat. The mild climate, the always clean or cloudy sky were sources of inspiration also for Manzoni and the prologue of his novel I promessi sposi.

This demonstrates the fact that the landscape of such a pristine world enchanted enchants and will always enchant. Visiting the lake by boat means discovering a nature that is colored by the bright greens of the mountains and all the shades of the flowers in the gardens and villas that line the shores of the lake, making a visit to this region unique.

Lake Como Villa Rental

Making a holiday in Como means choosing large-scale facilities such as Lake Como Villa Rental, whose scope and value can give the holiday a completely different flavor. Discovering the beauty of this structure means giving yourself days of relaxation, without stress and without giving weight to everyday routine.

The beauty of the boats

When spring arrives, there are boats that go back and forth from one village to another, from Como to Bellagio. Just buy a free day pass and then travel on board for an adventurous discovery of the botanical gardens of Central Lake. The journey costs nothing but what we will see is heavenly: the view that will open to your eyes is priceless. We will therefore be able to discover the Villa del Balbianello in Lenno if we have decided to experience the topical air of a film set, or of Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo if we want art and flowers.

And for those who enjoy long walks there is also the Greenway, a gentle walk that connects Colonno to Cadenabbia and which, through the historical centers of the lake towns, also passes next to the two villas.

 A perfect walk

This walk is also good for facing all the weather conditions because you know, the springs from us can be a bit rainy. And if we don’t like the rain, we abandon the idea of ​​the boat. After all, the city of Como with its monuments, museums, shops and cafes can be a beautiful place for us to live. Without forgetting the various indoor parks that help us in entertainment.