Best Shopping Places in Ooty


Ooty is a town in Tamil Nadu, and a popular hill station located in Nilgiri Hills. It is a beautiful place covered in greenery, including pine trees and tea plantations. If you are planning a family trip but you cannot decide a place, I have made your job easier.

You can visit the Upper Bhavani Lake, Pykara lake, Emerald lake, Second World War Memorial Pillar, Venkateshwara  Perumal Temple, to name a few places in Ooty.

If you want to get a souvenir from Ooty to remind you of the good times and you don’t know what to get, one of the things I’ll suggest is the local hill honey. It is naturally crystallized and is creamy and smooth. You can also get the famous Nilgiri Eucalyptus oil produced there due to the availability of eucalyptus in the region, and also get homemade chocolates.

If you want to shop, there are a lot of markets in Ooty. One of them is the Charring Cross Road. If you have a thing for antiques and embroideries, this is your go-to place. There is also a Tibetan Market here which has everything from flower seeds, saplings to woollen clothes ranging from 50 INR to 2000 INR!

To get the souvenirs that I mentioned before, you need to check out the Commercial Street. You will get everything from homemade chocolates to leather products here. You can also visit the market near the Ooty Lake road to get flowers of different kinds, and other plants that are hard to find in the cities.

You can visit the Ooty Market to buy the famous Ooty apples, Ooty plums, fresh fruits and strawberries. There are a number of juice joints in the market as well.

There is a Honey Museum too in Ooty. That is just super cool right?! If you want to get honey, you can visit the museum located in Hill Bunk Road, study the process of honey production yourself and get it for everyone to enjoy it too!

There are a number of homemade chocolate factories near Pykara. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be the happiest being on earth after reading this! You can visit these factories, see how they are made, and buy as many as you want. Tempting, right?!

The Upper Bazaar, situated just a kilometer away from the Ooty Town center, is also a great place to shop.  Starting from fabrics to oils, baked goods and tea boxes, you will find everything here. There are also a number of restaurants here to enjoy a hearty meal.

If you are looking to shop for clothes, Lower Bazaar Road located near the Ooty Lake and Boat house is the place to go to. You will also find many cookware and crockery shops here.

Lastly, one of the best places to shop is the Main Market which is nearby many hotels here in Ooty. If you have a thing for aesthetics, Main Market will satisfy your eyes to the fullest. The paintings, handicrafts and jewellery are mesmerizing to look at.