3 Types of Hajj 2019 Pakistan Packages


This the most suitable time when people are submitting their applications for Hajj 2019 Pakistan. There are two types of basic packages introduced by Government and private sectors. Both sectors have introduced different Hajj 2019 Pakistan price. The majority of the people face the restrictions and limitations for Hajj applications in the Government sectors. The Hajj cost from Pakistan, in Government Sector is lower but people cannot apply for hajj after five years once they have done. On the other hand, the private sector has introduced a variety of packages without any limitations. The hajj 2019 cost from Pakistan is a bit higher in the Private sector.

Packages for Hajj 2019 Pakistan in Private sector

For 2019, the majority of the traveling agencies have introduced Hajj packages as per the budget of the people. For this year Hajj 2019 Pakistan, there are different hajj packages are available. You can book your suitable package urgently as these are available in the limited seats. The prime objective of the people to perform Hajj is to get approval of the Holy journey aid sacrifice and get Allah’s blessing showers. They want to win the Holy Prophet’s Shafaat.

The most important factor in this is to focus on the Hajj 2019 Pakistan Price. They want to choose the appropriate package that offers the most suitable Hajj cost from Pakistan. Before finalizing any package you should check the Hajj 2019 cost from Pakistan.  Some of the packages are given below.

  1. Executive Plus Short Package

This hajj 2019 Pakistan package offers the duration of 12 to 12 with the, Dallah Taibah and hotel Fairmount Makkah in Makkah on half boarding. In this package, you will get lunch and breakfast. The packages are different per person on the double room basis, triple room basis and Quad room basis.  This package is suitable for the executives to make their Hajj more comfortable and easy.

  1. Short Hajj Packages

The Hajjis will get Sofa-combed and Gypsum Board Tent in Mina. You will get exclusive private bathroom in Mina.  A Full board Buffet Meals in Mina are included in the Hajj 2019 Pakistan price.  For traveling from and to Mina, you will be able to get special lavish buss for Hajj duration. In some packages, People get the Azizia stay that is according to the gender basis. About four to seven persons can share the room. By paying a higher amount, you will get the family room. To move from your place to Haram till 7th Zul-Hajj, you can get the facility of shuttle.

  1. Budget Hajj Package

The duration of this package is the 35 to 40 days. The Hajj cost from Pakistan is not very higher and the majority of the people avail this package. In this package, the lunch and breakfast are not included and the residence is of average type. The aim of the majority of the people is to perform Hajj in their given resources. This is the reason the majority of the people choose this average hajj 2019 cost from Pakistan. The prices are changed as per the facilities and formalities of the Saudi- Government.