A Complete Guide to Casa Mila Barcelona

Destination Tips

The other name of the Casa Milà is La Pedrera. It is a modern building that was designed by a famous architect “Antoni Gaudí”. It was built in the year between 1906 and 1910. Today the owner of this building is Catalan bank. If you are coming to visit this apartment, then don’t miss to visit the magical loft space which showcases the mesmerizing work of Gaudí. Do not forget to see the roof as it will provide you spectacular view of chimneys.

What is so great in Casa Mila Barcelona?

Casa Milà, also called as La Pedrera is a fine blend of functionality and fantasy that makes this architectural milestone a must watch attraction among visitors. This building is regarded as the peak of career of Antoni Gaudí. It is a modernista building that is tailor-made to adapt to the new social requirements, without forgetting the key inspiration source.

Developed between the year 1906 and 1912, this building occupies a whole corner of the Passeig de Gràcia. The façade of Casa Milà looks like the moving sea. The waves interact with the seaweed themes on the balcony railings made up of wrought-iron.

Wherever you are, you will find something adorable and worth watching in Barcelona. It could be jewels of Catalan architecture, contemporary architecture, fabulous markets, delectable culinary treats, mind-blowing treasures of the primitive Roman city, parks and many more to discover.

Day itineraries

There is no limit to explore Casa Milà. Whether you are coming for a short period of one day or for a longer time, you will find exemplary day itineraries here. Day itineraries are designed to fit in effectively with the schedule to help you enjoy this city to the fullest.

Casa Milà Shopping City

Casa Milà is one of the most enjoyable cities in the world that gives umpteen opportunities to shop. You can select from a vast range of retail options that forms a distinctive identity of the city. You can choose to visit captivating historic neighborhoods, local and friendly shops that provide a professional touch and a Mediterranean spirit to make it a fabulous shopping.

Unique shops

If you wish to know the most authentic aspect of Casa Milà, then visit its iconic stores that would definitely offer you a distinctive experience. Some of these things are hand-crafted items, local produce, designers with specific and distinctive identity, sustainable fashion, gourmet foods, a lot more.

Casa Milà shopping card

To make your shopping an amazing experience in the Casa Milà city, get this the Casa Milà shopping card. This card will provide you discounts as well as exclusive deals at several shops. So, enjoy shopping!

Department Stores and Shopping Centers

Shopping centers with a vast range of bars, restaurants, entertainments, shops and department stores capture the attention of everyone. They are the ideal locations to visit when you don’t have much time for retail visit during your Casa Milà trip. If you are visiting Casa Mila Barcelona, then visithttp://www.tripindicator.com/casa-mila-tours-tickets.html to get all important information about sightseeing, accommodation, tickets etc.

Retail areas

An antique market that shows a stunning design, modernista landmarks, a conventional street, an area reserved to the “LGTB“ community are some of the things that would amaze you in Casa Milà. You will find all of them in retail areas where you will explore the city as well as carry out your shopping.


Casa Mila Barcelona has been considered as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Since its opening in the year 1987, it has got more than twenty million visits. All of them makes it to the most visited historical monuments of Barcelona. Hope the above information will help you make the best preparation of the trip.