Luxury at the Ayana Jakarta

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The Ayana Jakarta is a luxury 5-star hotel in the middle of Jakarta. With a room capacity of 336, it provides luxurious accommodation and hospitality services in the city.

Ayana hotels are an award-winning group of five-star luxury hotels. They embody luxurious living and high-quality hospitality standards.

The Ayana hotel in Jakarta is the gem of the group in the city, with most of the other Ayana hotels being beach hotels. This hotel ensures that it lives up to the reputation of Ayana. To do this, it promises it client’s elegance, comfort and high-level standards.

Luxurious amenities in the hotel

State of the art swimming pool

The swimming pool at this hotel is state-of-the-art. It is a rooftop infinity pool that guests can enjoy laps at any time of the day. In addition, the poolside offers shaded umbrellas under which guests can relax and bask in the city sun.

The poolside also has tables that can be set for a romantic and intimate meal for two. It also offers a panoramic and magnificent view of the city below.

The poolside is also suitable for social and corporate events for any number of people.


The spa at this hotel is the embodiment of the award winning Ayana luxury hotel Jakarta. Ayana spas are popular worldwide and have won numerous awards.

At this Ayana in the city, you can access numerous spa treatments to help you rejuvenate and regain your vibrancy to go about your daily activities effectively.

The treatments in the spa are based on exotic Bali massage practices. They use a mixture of herbs and sea water to ensure that their guests relax and rejuvenate.

The skilled therapists combine modern relaxation techniques with traditional ones to offer a unique experience to their clients.


This hotel ensures that it brings convenience to its guests at no extra costs. With the hotel being in the city, it ensures that it looks after the safety and security of its clients. This it does by having the ATM within the hotel lobby ensuring that clients do not have to leave the hotel in search of ATMs.

The guests are therefore assured of their safety and that of their hard-earned money.

Aerobics studio

The Ayana Jakarta also has an air-conditioned aerobics studio fit for a king. It is aesthetically pleasing and well furnished with beautiful yoga mats and state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

The aerobics instructors are highly skilled and help make the daily aerobics sessions interesting and effective.


The gym at this hotel is world-class. It is the embodiment of luxury in exercise. It is fully equipped with all exercise equipment that one would need in a gym.

It is in a large space to ensure that you exercise comfortably without jostling for space with other guests.

In addition, the gym offers a unique view of the city and provides its users with personal lockers where you can keep your belongings safe as you exercise.

High end restaurants and bars

The Ayana Jakarta provides opportunities for to wine and dine in luxury in the numerous restaurants and wine bars.

Network and socialize and meet new people at the numerous bars dotting the hotel. The bars and restaurants are tastefully furnished to provide different kinds of ambiance. They are well lit where need be and others darker and roomy to provide a romantic and intimate ambiance for guests.

You can also enjoy a happy hour every day at some of the wine bars. Luxurious afternoon tea is also offered in the hotel restaurant.

On weekends, the hotel offers promotions for family meals from brunch till dinner. You can indulge in the tasty and creatively made seafood which is among the popular dishes in the country.


Every element of this hotel is the embodiment of luxury and elegance. It strives to please its guests by offering luxurious services and amenities. They ensure that your stay is memorable and comfortable.